You have probably already heard the term ‘Data is the new Oil’. The oil and gas companies are set to profit once again from their resources, this time- from the vast amounts of data that is in their possession.   Today, the capabilities of computer processing have enabled insights and decision- making
The Washington- based Institute of International Finance reports that the world’s debt has reached a humongous $244 trillion, which is more than three times the size of the global economy.   Remember the financial crisis of 2008? Were there any signs? It is up for you to answer this question. But lets point out
$1 trillion could save the World from hunger for 30 years in a row, $1 trillion could buy all the Greek islands that are up for sale and the yachts to match the islands for you, your friends and the extended family, one or few yachts each, and a private
The Oil and Gas Industry is a perfect candidate for real value added applications by the blockchain technology. This industry involves multiple parties that must trust each other and conduct global transactions, which involve many intermediaries. It is these parameters that deliver ideal conditions for the successful use of blockchain.   The
Security Tokens, ICO advisors, swiftly turning into STO advisors, Security Token Exchanges springing one after another: we are certainly experiencing a shift in the industry, but which one? Are we still talking about the startups, about the blockchain revolution that will give power back to the people under the full